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The Journal of the Portuguese Society of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (RSPCCTV) is destined to the publication of original manuscripts in the field of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery. Manuscripts will be revised by the Editors and external reviewers, and acceptance will depend on their scientific interest, originality and validity. The official language of the Journal is Portuguese, but submission of Original Articles, Revision Articles, Case-Reports, Images in Surgery and Letters to the Editor in English is highly recommended. If desired, authors may provide a version in Portuguese for the print issues, but on-line publication and indexation will occur in English. Submission of abstracts must also be in English.

Submission is welcome in the following categories:

Article type Word limit Maximum number of authors Maximum number of references Maximum number of tables or figures
Original article 5000 8 25 8
Revision article No limit 8 No limit No limit
Case-Report 1000 5 10 4
Images in Surgery 50 4 0 2
Letter to the Editor 850 4 8 2
Editorial 1000 2 10 2

Word count must include the abstract and references, excluding legends and tables.

In each print issue, an Image in Surgery will be selected for the cover.

Editorials must only be submitted by invitation from the Editorial Board.

Letters to the Editor, Images in Surgery and Editorials are exempt from abstract submission.

Submission must be exclusively electronic. Text files should be submitted in Word format, with pages numbered at the lower right corner, font type Times New Roman, double spaced and justified. Images should be submitted in individual files, in .tiff format and with a minimum definition of 300dpi.

Manuscripts should be accompanied by a Cover Letter that includes:
- A declaration of originality
- A statement of agreement of all authors with regard to content and approval of the final version
- A statement of intellectual transfer of content to the Journal
- Declaration on conflict of interest. If applicable, authors should reveal their financial or commercial relationships, sources of funding, institutional or corporative affiliations or consulting relationships.

Please note that authors may be held responsible for false declarations

This should include the Title without abbreviations and in captions; author name and institutional affiliations; corresponding author’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail, placed at the bottom of the page. In case of prior presentation, this should be disclosed along with the name of the event, date and location. Word count should also be mentioned.

The abstract should be concise, without abbreviations (except SI units). It should include the title and authors, and be structured in the following format: Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusion. The word limit for the abstract is 250 words.

The text should be organized as:

Introduction: including the objective and a brief bibliographic revision of the state of the art of the study subject.

Material and Methods: these should be detailed. Use of abbreviations should be limited to SI units or commonly used abbreviations (eg. AAA). Technologies should be named by generic nomenclature, with commercial name and manufacturer’s name and location in parenthesis. A statistical description should be included in detail.

Results: these should be presented in a concise and clear fashion, preferentially with the use of tables and / or figures to enhance the intended message.

Discussion: it should be clear and brief, and include the interpretation of results and compare them to previously published research on the same topic. The importance of the study findings, and any methodological limitations should be stated.

Acknowledgements: these should follow the discussion.

References: These should be presented sequentially, according to the order of appearance in the text, and presented as numbers and square parenthesis (eg. [1]). Unpublished presentations and data should not be included in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text. All authors should be mentioned in the references, following the recommendations of the Index Medicus. References should be formatted as follows

Journals [1] Dinis da Gama A, Perdigão J, Ministro A, Evangelista A, Damião A, Garcia Alves A. The utilization of the “simplified technique” in the simultaneous management of independent thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms. A clinical report. RevPort Cir Cardiotorac V 2009;3:149 155.

Books [2] Antunes M J. A Doença da Saúde. Lisboa: Quetzal 2001:167- 176. Vários Autores
[3] Fragata J, Martins L. Como evitar o erro em Medicina. Em: Fragata J, Martins L, autores. O Erro em Medicina. Lisboa:Almedina, 2008:313-348. Publicações Online ( O DOI é referência obrigatória e a única necessária para citações de artigos de publicações online)

Online Publications ( O DOI é referência obrigatória e a única necessária para citações de artigos de publicações online)
[4] Azevedo O, Almeida J, Nolasco T, Medeiros R, Casanova J, Bartosch C, Almeida J, Pinho P. Massive right atrial myxoma presenting as syncope and exertional dyspnea: case report.
Cardiovascular Ultrasound doi:10.1186/1476-7120-8-23.

Tables should be numbered in sequence of appearance in the text, and sent in a single Word file. Table number, heading and legend should be included in this file.

Figure headings and legends should be sent in a single Word file, in order of appearance in the text and corresponding to the image files sent.

Figures should be numbered according to the order of appearance in the text, and sent in individual files. The name of the file should mention the number of the figure. Only .tiff files with a minimum 300dpi are accepted.

Manuscript submission should be made to:

Only submissions that follow the previous instructions will be considered. After submission, the Editors will confirm the reception to the corresponding author.

Revised versions should be entitled: revision1, revision2, etc., including new figures and tables if necessary. Editor or reviewer comments should be answered individually in a letter in Word format. Changes in the manuscript should be clearly visible using the “track changes” function of Word.

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